R.D. Talley Books Publishing & Writing Services

Creating Meaningful Impact & Inspiring Improvement through Writing & Spoken Word

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.
— Bruce Lee

Quick Background

My name is Roderick D. Talley. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but raised in the cities of Cincinnati, Middletown, & Dayton of Ohio. My life, just like most other people, includes many mistakes. But as I went through life and learned about how our country operates & it’s history (Including the 1921 Race Massacre that occurred in my birthplace), not only did I decide to learn from those mistakes instead of allowing them to keep me in bondage, I also developed a relationship with God by talking to Him & reading the Bible. I soon realized that He had a meaningful purpose for my life, despite what our society labeled me to be.

I returned to one of my gifts in writing in 2015 and began my journey as an Entrepreneur in 2018. In May 2019, I was able to launch my first company, “R.D. Talley Books Publishing & Writing Services.” The purpose of my writing is simple: to spread knowledge of God’s love and give hope to everyone, especially the people who are ready to give up on life. I write to these people because I’ve been in that position before. I also write about my current challenges as a Man of God, including challenges with marriage, temptations, anger, and facing adversity. I address my personal challenges in hopes to reach those who are dealing with similar obstacles.

At first, I just wanted create my brand of books, being that I plan on writing several more books. As I continued learning the business side of being a professional writer, I realized that it would be a lot easier for me to do the many things I wanted to do if I were operating under an official business, thus leading me to opening this publishing company. As I continued to learn about the business, I learned that writers tend to get “ripped-off” financially on their book sales when under a major publishing company, similar to how artists get treated in the music industry. Therefore, I set-out to ensure that each writer/artist that I work with does not get surprised with unknown fees on the back-end of their pay, and that they receive full compensation for their book & product sales.

I pray that my writing & business becomes a blessing in your life. Please stay in touch with this website so that you may stay updated on my books, videos, upcoming appearances, open mics, tours, giveaways, etc.