R.D. Talley Books Publishing & Writing Services

Creating Meaningful Impact & Inspiring Improvement through Writing & Spoken Word


Spoken Word/Public Speaking Engagements

I’m a strong believer that some of the most impactful poets and creative writers are also great speakers. I also realized that some people are impacted deeper when they hear motivational words and not just read them. Therefore, I’ve been working diligently towards ensuring that my public speaking skills are effective. I am open to appearing in almost all types of speaking events, including church visits, open mics, school visits, prison visits, tours, etc. Simply go to the ‘Contact Me’ section to inquire.

Freelance Writing/Services

One of my many skills include the ability to help and coach other writers with proofreading their work. I can address grammatical errors, suggest more effective phrases, spell check, etc. I’m also open to assisting students with their papers. Along with proofreading, I provide writing services such as blogs, product/service reviews, job descriptions, resume assistance, articles, devotionals, handbooks, restaurant menus, and researching. To inquire about my portfolio, please send a message in the ‘Contact Me’ section.

Website & Promotional Use

By late 2019/early 2020, I will be making my website available for retail and promotional use for other writers and artists. Other writers and artists will be able to post their books, artwork, and merchandise on my website for a monthly fee with my permission. I am currently getting legal agreements in order before making this feature available. Feel free to ask any questions in the ‘Contact Me’ section.

Book Publishing

Beginning in 2020, I will be able to start working with other writers in publishing their books. Right now I am in the process of getting legal agreements in place. I’m also waiting until my next book published so that I may assist and advise every writer from my personal experiences and have a better estimate of how much their book will cost to publish. Go to the ‘Contact Me’ section if you have any questions pertaining to this.


One passion that I have is spreading knowledge to people so that we may all grow and develop ourselves together. It’s one of the reasons I returned to creative writing. I am open to sharing any knowledge I have obtained thus far to assisting you with your personal goals, whether it’s publishing your first book, opening your own business/publishing company, keeping track of your accounting and tax information, or just insight on what I’ve noticed from different events I’ve participated in. Simply send an inquiry in the ‘Contact Me’ section.

Event Vendor

I always look forward to travelling, attending various events in different locations and meeting new people. This is part of how I market and promote this company. If you’re looking for vendors for an event or would like to see me participant in a certain event, feel free to send me a message in the ‘Contact Me’ section. I look to display the items of other writers & artists in whom I will work in the future as well.